Saturday, March 31, 2012

Corporate cuteness

People who say there isn’t enough love in this world are either crazy or blind. We are surrounded by love and affection! You don’t believe it? Check your post boxes and emails! There is soooooo many corporations out there that care deeply about you, me, us.

They want to get to know us, find out what we like and what not, what we think of them and what are our dreams and how they can help us achieve them. If this isn’t love, what is it then?

All those special birthday wishes and offers, Happy New Year cards and customized discounts, all of it little proofs that there is someone who cares. You are not alone! You should know, every time you feel bad, lonely or sad, you can simply go to your beloved merchandise/service/brand provider and buy yourself something special. Because you’re worth it!

There are brands that want to bring out the genius in us, because they deeply care for our well-being. So just do it. Go, buy and feel better. Even healthier.  And the best thing is we know we can count on them and you can always have it your way. They do it all for you, making things better.

Whenever you feel you are not perfect, all you need to do is re-read those love filled emails of the brands that are close to you and you will see, that they have deep concerns about you. They know you and they truthfully care for you. You must admit, they are cute. So don’t doubt never ever again that love really is all around us. For everything else there is Mastercard.